Who's Josh Shinner?


Josh is a photographer.

Josh used to have hair but now doesn't.

Josh likes David Bowie and Harry Potter, and is disappointed they never collaborated.

Josh likes collaging / polaroiding / doodling.

Josh has been taking photographs and making things for the lifetime of a drinking age adult, and he loves what he does. He's shot numerous covers for Harper's Bazaar magazine, as well as features in Vogue, Esquire, Elle, The New York Times and The FT. In between those commissions and his commercial clients though, he's passionate about simply taking photographs "just because", and it's some of this work that's for sale here.

Seeing a picture of one of his photographs hanging proudly on a person's wall is something that gives Josh a huge amount of satisfaction. So go on, treat yourself and give a photographer in their late 30s with very little hair that sense of satisfaction. 

Josh is also wondering why, on this particular page, he's referring to himself in the third person.

Thanks a lot for stopping by.